man part machine part: the world’s first human cyborg Peter Scott Morgan man part machine part motor neuron disease

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A British scientist claimed to do all the work with ease after becoming a muscular robot.
A British scientist transformed himself into the world’s first robot after suffering from a deadly disease called motor neuron. His muscles were ruined from this disease. Now, with the help of machines, they can easily perform all the tasks that a healthy human being does. This half-human, half-robotic scientist has been identified as Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan, 62.

Muscle disease in robot
Doctor Peter Scott-Morgan lives in Devon, England. He decided to challenge the science only after suffering from a terrible disease called motor neuron. In 2017, he first learned that he had developed a rare muscle wasting disease. As a result of which many of his organs began to function. After which, he expanded his life using robotics.

Self-made machine in 2019
Dr Morgan lives with his 65-year-old partner, Francis. He said that in November 2019, he started the work of molding himself half human and half machine. After which, today they are not only alive, but also more prosperous than before. He said he still believed that a lot of bad things could be changed with the help of knowledge and technology in life.

Inspired by the cyborg character
He said my overall quality of life as a changing cyborg is extraordinary. Cyborg is actually the character of a sci-fi comic, half human and half machine. He said that despite being half a machine, I still have love, I have fun, I hope, I have dreams and I have goals. He also said that if someone asks me the best thing of the past four years, then my answer is I’m still alive.

Morgan went through many risks by becoming a robot
This world-renowned robotist had to take incredibly complex and risky paths while moving from human to half-machine. During the illness, a number of muscles that were showing facial expressions on his face had started to weaken. After which, he developed the technique of body language using artificial intelligence.

Breathe through the fan
Dr. Scott-Morgan discovered eye-tracking technology that allows him to control multiple computers using just his eyes. They can breathe through the ventilator itself. He lost his voice during Robot’s final transformation. He had a laryngectomy, which meant he had lost his physical voice, but in doing so, it prevented his saliva from entering his lungs.

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