Man waving gun steals video from viral reporter: video: reporter told live news on tv, stolen showing gun – man waving gun in Ecuador robs reporter live on waves shocking video goes viral

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In the Latin American country of Ecuador, a journalist and member of the television crew was robbed after showing a gun. At the time of this horrific incident, the reporter was reporting live news from outside a stadium.
In the Latin American country Ecuador, a journalist and a member of the television crew were robbed after showing a gun. The reporter was telling the news live at the time of this terrible incident. This live video of the journalist’s flight is now being shared relentlessly on social media. In the video, showing the weapon, the criminal asks the reporter and the crew member to pay him.

According to a Sky News report, Ecuadorian sports journalist Diago Odinola announced live news for Darek TV Sports from the city of Guayaquil last week. During this time, the gunman threatened him and demanded money. The shooter wore a mask. The attacker shouted a phone call before touching the journalist’s microphone.

He then pointed the gun at the cameraman and crew members and asked them to give handbags and phones. Meanwhile, cameraman Odinola continued to make videos. The reporter then uploaded this video to Instagram. He wrote: “We cannot work in peace. It happened outside the stadium at two in the afternoon. So far around 4 lakh people have watched the video of this incident on Twitter. According to Newsweek information, the thief fled with a mobile.

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