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Tiendeo is a multi-channel online platform that connects shoppers to their favorite stores through machine learning and geographic profiling technology.

In addition, thanks to the latest technologies and huge success in the retail sector, Tiendeo has become a leading company in drive-to-store services: the platform allows companies to optimize their marketing strategies, focusing their efforts on a specific audience. that encourage the customer to complete the purchase process in the physical store.

The result: better marketing campaigns and a better return on investment.

Founded in 2011 in Barcelona, ​​Tiendeo is made up of a multicultural team of young professionals, where 15 nationalities coexist, spread over 6 work centers located in Barcelona, ​​Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

15 million downloads, 75 million users, Tiendeo’s success is undeniable.

For Eva Martn, one of the founders with her sister Mara and her friend Jonathan Lemberger, several important factors influence this growth.

The first thing Eva stresses is the importance of having a middle manager in the team, a middle command, in which people trust and feel safe. A person with whom to share the vision and mission of their work.

According to Eva, the key is that “you have to take care of the communication”. Good communication not only promotes good relationships with colleagues, but also serves to establish “clear goals” that will help the business succeed.

The achievement of these objectives is in large part due to transparency: at Tiendeo, all departments know their key performance indicators and how they are achieved. In addition, the company has an internal email that all employees receive with important information about the organization in terms of goals or financial situation.

Nothing is hidden in Tiendeo.

The objective: “is that everyone feels integrated into Tiendeo, that they learn from all their experiences, that they evolve, innovate and grow as a professional”.

For Tiendeo, it is very important to know all of its staff, which is why the company organizes Innovation Days with all the teams, which allow to get to know each other better among colleagues, to involve people in organization and “let everyone know what’s going on.” “.

In addition, Tiendeo also has Team Insights, a platform where employees leave feedback anonymously on aspects important to the business, which helps them improve.

By organizing internal meetings, they analyze the results proposed by Team Insights: “We are above all attentive to the negative, to make action plans. We look at the extremes. In this way, “we avoid rotation”.

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