Management ability to serve industry as a sponsor of the Mindtech Awards

Management ability to serve industry as a sponsor of the Mindtech Awards

Servitalent, a company specializing in directors and talent management, once again supports through its sponsorship the second edition of the Mindtech Awards which will take place during Mindtech 2021 by ASIME (Galician Association of Metal Industries and Associated Technologies), which takes place will be held between September 14 and 16 2021 in Vigo, Spain.

With this sponsorship, Servitalent continues to focus once again on the industrial sector, in which it has for years provided management capabilities to companies through executive search and transition management services, both nationally and ‘international.

Last July, Servitalent sought to support the dissemination of the call for competition which rewards the most remarkable organizations and companies for their work in areas such as innovation, 4.0 technology, circular economy, mobility. and corporate social responsibility. Call that ended on July 24, 2021 and in which participants could send their proposals to be included in one of 6 different categories: Innovation Award (prize for the best career related to innovation), 4.0 Award (prize for the improvement of technology 4.0 within its value chain), StartUp Award (prize for exceptional StartUp or Spin Off), CSR Award (prize for the organization that supports CSR), Circular Economy (prize for the entity that generates the optimization of the life cycle of resources) and Mobility Award (prize for the initiative that promotes disruptive change in the field of mobility).

As a Galician company, Servitalent believes in this type of initiatives that promote the development of the industrial sector and associated technologies, pushing it to become one of the most important in the economy and with great potential in Galicia, Spain. And in the world.

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