Managing the pandemic and the work environment, the aspects most valued by employees

Managing the pandemic and the work environment, the aspects most valued by employees

ID Logistics, one of the main contract logistics operators, carried out, for the third year, the HappyIndexAtWork survey, which measures the commitment and motivation of its employees in the Iberian Peninsula. Among the most valued aspects, internal management during the pandemic stands out: more than 90% of workers believe that it was very effective.

Overall worker satisfaction increases to 71%, 13% more since 2018. From HappyIndexAtWork, they establish several parameters to measure the degree of employee satisfaction in each company. Professional development, stimulating environment, leadership and management, recognition and incentives, company pride and fun or enjoyment are some of the variables they consider in their survey. As in previous editions, ID Logistics Iberia employees positively assess their work, with particularly favorable results in the recognition of their responsibilities, pride in the products and services offered and their influence on the success of the company.

ID Logistics pays particular attention to its Human Resources policy to promote a positive feeling of belonging to the company. This is supported by other accolades such as the 2019 CEOE-CEPYME Guadalajara Business Excellence Award.

On this occasion, the group once again consolidates its position as one of the most valued companies among its employees according to the Choose my Company platform.

Avelino Agudn, Director of Human Resources at ID Logistics, underlines that: “The satisfaction of the entire ID Logistics team is one of our main growth drivers, especially in these difficult circumstances in which we live. We are very proud of all of the people who are part of our organization and strive every day to provide excellent service to our customers. At ID, we are committed to creating human resources policies that guarantee the well-being of people, because our true commercial commitment begins with the quality of human relations and the search for meaning in what we do on a daily basis ”.

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