mandeep kaur new zealand police: meet the first female police officer of indian descent in new zealand mandeep kaur: mandeep kaur becomes the first female police officer of indian origin in new zealand

Mandeep Kaur of Indian descent brought laurels home to New Zealand with his work. She is the first woman of Indian origin to achieve the rank of senior sergeant in the New Zealand police. In March 2021, he was promoted to the rank of Senior Sergeant by wearing a badge of Police Commissioner Andrea Coster at a ceremony in Wellington. Now, with the increased status, he has been transferred to the police headquarters in the capital, Wellington.

Joined the New Zealand police in 2004
Mandeep’s police career began in 2004, 17 years ago. He has never looked back since. This is why today it remains a source of inspiration for many Indians. People today see her as a role model. Prior to being promoted to sergeant, Mandeep Kaur served as an Ethnic Community Relations Officer at Henderson Police Station in Waitemata.

New Zealand arrived as a migrant
Mandeep arrived in New Zealand from the Punjab as a migrant. He dreamed of becoming a police officer since his childhood. However, he had to sever a lot of social ties for it. She belongs to a conservative family, so her journey has faced many challenges. Mandeep also spent time in Australia before moving to New Zealand.

Also worked as a taxi driver
Mandeep, who arrived in New Zealand at the age of 26, also had to work for a while as a taxi driver. But, soon after, she joined the New Zealand police. He has since mastered the work of Traffic Police, Domestic Violence, Investigation Assistant, Neighborhood Police and Community Policing in a very short period of time.

Reached this stage after facing many challenges
As a Community Relations Officer, Mandeep has participated in numerous community events and meetings over the past decade. He has handled many cases of domestic violence well and provided ethnic and cultural counseling to families and individuals. In his New Zealand Police Profile, he wrote about his journey to become a police officer after facing many personal and cultural barriers.

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