Manuel Valls will resign “soon” from his act of advising and proposes a return to French politics

The president of the BCN Canvi municipal group, Manuel Valls, has finished his political phase in Barcelona and will not stand as a candidate in the next municipal elections. This is what he explained in interviews with “El Mundo” and “La Vanguardia”. In them, he assures us that “another stage is opening” in his life and that “soon” he will announce his resignation as councilor.

In this new beginning, explained the politician, he would like to participate more freely in European politics from France. In this context, he assured that he felt mainly French because of his values ​​and his way of thinking and doing politics.

On the other hand, he defended that the proposal of Jaume Giró as Minister of the Economy of the new government is “the spectacular symbol of a polluted society”. For him, Giró is part of “the Catalan elites: Giró, Laporta and Mediapro. The result of” pujolismo “, the process of independence and cowardice”.

Valls had already announced in March that he would not run in the municipal elections of 2023 as a candidate for mayor, although he defended the renewal of the political project of the formation with which he stood in the elections of 2019.

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