Manuela Carmena points out that Iglesias had not made the right policies for a long time

Published: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 7:26 PM

Former Madrid mayor Manuela Carmena criticized Pablo Iglesias shortly after the so far leader of United We Can quit all posts after his limited success in the Madrid election. Carmena said this is Iglesias’ way of criticizing himself for the “drift” of the party he himself founded. In this sense, he ensured that the company demanded other types of policies different from what Iglesias was doing in recent months.

This is how the former Madrid leader analyzed the march of Iglesias, which is not the first time that she has criticized the political formulas and strategies of the representative so far of the purple formation. A few words that another former leader of Podemos did not like. In Más Vale Tarde, Ramón Espinar regretted his statements: “It was not the day. Manuela is a very elegant person and it is not in his style to stab her with a rusty razor on the day she leaves politics. . ” In this sense, he insisted that “it is not pretty”.

“It’s not fair, I think that all of us who shared a path with Pablo Iglesias, and Manuela shared it a lot, today we owe him, apart from the criticism and the critical sense with which we must assess Iglesias’ last leg, respect, a worthy farewell, “said Espinar, who considers the former United We leader” to have the right to go, to rest, not to be beaten.

Espinar was not the only one. Labor Minister Yolanda Díaz also sent a message to Iglesias via Twitter wishing him good luck: “Pablo, it has been many years since I told you that you are changing the history of this country. It has been and is a source of pride to be with you. Thank you my friend. I love you. “On a more cordial tone, his former party partner Íñigo Errejón spoke, acknowledging” one thing that is obvious is that Pablo Iglesias has played a fundamental role in Spanish politics and in political change in Spain ” .

The leader of Más País wished Iglesias “the best in this new stage” and demanded that “the intolerable personal harassment suffered by” Iglesias “cease” immediately; harassment “that should have stopped a long time ago.” Andalusian leader Teresa Rodríguez wished Iglesias “good luck” and hopes the new party leadership will lead to better relations in Andalusia.

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