Many American Politicians Trapped In Chinese Honey Trap, Spy On Secret Secrets While Having Sex! – Chinese honey trap of many US politicians trapped in fang to fang scandal for secrets included Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell

China, which defies the United States in water and sky, is now gathering intelligence through a honey trap. A few days ago, the United States learned of the existence of a Chinese spy who returned to Beijing in 2015 after spending 4 years in their country. Who lived in the United States as a foreign student for many years. There have also been reports of this woman having physical relationships with many of America’s top politicians. It is said that apart from an American mayor, a top leader of Biden’s Democratic Party was also caught in this web of espionage.

US MP has trapped many secrets

According to the Sun report, this Chinese spy from China is named Christine Phang, also known as Phang Phang. Four years after the start of this America, this spy had caught many American politicians in his trap. It also includes Democratic lawmaker and US Senate Intelligence Committee member Eric Swalwell. There are also allegations that Svalwell and Christine had a physical relationship. However, the US lawmaker has never publicly recognized the mutual relationship.

American leaders amazed by beauty and scope

The report also mentioned that in 2014, Chinese spy Christine Fang funded Eric Swellwell to challenge him. As a result, Eric was bowled over by his fundraising campaign, its wide reach, its beauty. After which, there was a lot of closeness between these two. However, when the US intelligence agency FBI informed Eric that he was a Chinese spy, he distanced himself from Christine.

US intelligence agency failed to catch up

In 2015, the FBI obtained information on Christine Fang. After which the FBI also set a trap to catch him in the act. However, Christine, who specializes in her work, has already realized the US intelligence agency’s trick and escaped the country. It is said that many American politicians were involved in driving him away from America.

So thousands of Chinese detectives in America?

Former US intelligence agency CIA officer Daniel Hoffman said in an interview with Fox News that hundreds of thousands, if not hundreds, of Chinese honey trap detectives are active in our country. These spies carry secret information to China. He said China teaches hundreds of its spies good English every year and enrolls them in American universities as students. From there, these spies trick US politicians and officials into their website and obtain intelligence information.

Hunt on social networks

These spies widely use social media to trick Honeytrap. It is through this that they establish contacts with American politicians and officials. He said that Phang Phang or Christine Phang was also sent by the Chinese Ministry of State Security to spy on America. “I can say with confidence that a large number of Chinese spies are still active in the United States, which is trying to trap top officials and politicians here in their honey trap,” he said.

Not only in America, but also in France and Great Britain, Chinese honey is active

Not just in America, these honey spies from China are also prevalent in France, Britain and the Netherlands. France issued a warning in 2011, claiming that China was deploying a large number of spies for honey in its country. After that, relations between the two countries also deteriorated. While Britain and the Netherlands made similar allegations in China in 2016.

China has formed an army of handsome spies

China uses extremely cheap methods to recruit spies in its country. This includes putting pressure on Chinese families, blackmailing them. Thanks to these spies, China is attempting to trap unknown Western politicians, businessmen and officials with honey traps. For this, China recruits beautiful women then they are trained and sent to the target. These women take objectionable photos and videos of the target. They are then blackmailed into doing whatever they want. A British businessman, who works in China, said China is setting a honey trap in its own country, not just abroad. It is managed by the Chinese intelligence agency. China has established a comprehensive spy network around the world.

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