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In a world as competitive as the present, all players in the labor market must be in continuous training, because competitiveness and competition are the order of the day. In these times of crisis, the demand for training workers to access certain positions is intensified.

Despite the fact that they already have a stable job, it is necessary that all this human capital continues to be cultivated, in order to offer greater personal performance and thus achieve the objectives set by the company in which they provide their services. . Scheduled training is one of the preferred options that all companies should promote so that their employees continue to expand their knowledge in many areas. It is essential that this new knowledge has a direct relationship with the central axis of the activity that is carried out, however, there are other vehicular tools such as IT that will be of great help for the worker in the process. ‘accomplishment of his task in a more professional manner.

Despite what the general public and those unknown to the field may think, the cost is minimal to zero when implementing these training options by the company. The free courses for companies and workers are financed by state aid, which will then be discounted in the social security contributions that the company in question has to pay for the said worker.

These courses will not prevent the worker from continuing to carry out his work in the company while it is taking place. All this conglomerate of training options is based on three pillars of options: official courses, expert or professional masters. All have the common denominator, and it is none other than the improvement of the professional skills of the student in question.

This training option is beneficial for both parties. The company will not incur any additional cost to provide them to its staff, and the chosen worker will translate these free masters and courses into new knowledge and, therefore, into a much more complete and complete curriculum vitae.

Each year, it is desirable that a course of this nature be made available to each employee. The annual expiration of the credit offered by the state coffers implies the compelling need to use this money each year for this purpose, otherwise these social security premiums will be forfeited.

These initiatives allow all agents involved in any field of activity to improve their skills and competitiveness in the near future. The opportunity to use this state credit to make the workforce in question much more productive and knowledgeable in many areas should not be missed.

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