Map of Undiscovered Species: Map of Undiscovered Earth Species: Map of Undiscovered Earth Species

A map has been prepared showing where 80% of life has yet to be discovered on Earth. A map created with the help of scientists at Yale University will lead to the discovery of new species. As a result, only 10-20% of the species have been discovered to date and most of them are found in Brazil, Indonesia and Madagascar. The team says it takes rusting over time to find species that have become extinct due to climate change before they are gone forever.

Unregistered species
Study co-researcher Professor Walter Jets says there is no doubt that many species will perish before we find them. According to lead researcher Pario Maora, this study focuses on where and what are these species? He says that in the effort to save the species, there are still such species that go unrecognized. This analysis was performed on the location, geographic distribution, dates of historical discoveries and other eco-biological features. It included 32,000 terrestrial vertebrates.

Large animals discovered, the small ones disappear
With this help, the researcher will be able to understand what other species can be discovered now. It is believed that this number could be 2.9 lakh species currently. The team believes larger animals have been discovered, but smaller animals have been difficult to find. It is also understood that the scientists who find and identify them are distributed in different ways around the world. Its effect is also on research. In the coming years, there are plans to add more plants, aquatic animals and basic organisms to this map.

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