March Cloud Video: NASA’s Rover Curiosity Captures Clouds Video: NASA’s Rover Captures Photos of Clouds

NASA’s Curiosity Rover, which explores life on Mars, uploaded a video of the clouds there. These views are captured in the cameras mounted on it. Five minutes of view are visible from the navigation camera in the eight new photos. We see them moving like the clouds of the earth. These were shared by Paul Carolina, a scientist at North Carolina State University.

Even though these clouds look like clouds like Earth, the atmosphere on Mars is very thin and therefore they will form differently. In fact, the water particles have to cool on the particles to form clouds. These particles on earth may be dust that rises with the wind, but Mars’ atmosphere is so thin that it is difficult to form. They were so high that even during the night they shine with sunlight.

The special thing is that this season of Mars is not only like the Earth, but it is special. In 2008, the Phoenix lander had snowfall on the surface. This ice looks like earth in appearance, but it is actually carbon dioxide like dry ice.

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