March missions in 2021: NASA shares data from the Mars mission with the Indian isro-emirates China: NASA shares data from the Mars rover with India China

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Spacecraft from many countries revolve around Mars, NASA space agency shared data, there should be no collision, India, China, UAE gave data to India, Mangalyaan has been in circulation since 2014.
U.S. space agency NASA has shared data from its current Mars mission with India, China, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the European Space Agency to avoid the risk of collision on the Red Planet as the spaceships from these countries also bark on Mars. . This information was given in a press report on Wednesday.

The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post, citing NASA, said in its news that ships from India, China, the United Arab Emirates and the European Space Agency were also circling the planet. red, to reduce the risk of collision between vehicles. for.

In a statement, NASA said: “To ensure the safety of our respective missions, NASA is coordinating with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), the United Arab Emirates, the European Space Agency and the Space Administration. Chinese national like all these orbits of the orbit of Mars.

India’s Mangalyaan has been continuously orbiting Mars since 2014. NASA’s current lander landed on Mars last month and began exploration work.

At the same time, the Chinese vehicle “Tianwen-1” is in orbit around Mars and is preparing to land on the red planet in May or June. The United Arab Emirates “Hope” vehicle is only rotating in orbit of Mars and will not attempt to land there. Two ships of the European Space Agency revolve around Mars.

The newspaper said in its report that NASA had asked the US Congress for permission to share data with China and had spoken to the China National Space Administration, which was confirmed by the US space agency on Monday.

What is China’s mission to Mars that the United States is also considering?

Many missions revolve around Mars

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