Margarita del Val predicts when the fourth wave of the pandemic will arrive in Spain

Publication: Saturday, February 20, 2021 3:58 PM

Virologist Margarita del Val is one of the most authoritative voices when it comes to speaking about the coronavirus pandemic. The CSIC researcher helps shed light on the doubts raised by COVID-19 and its harmful effects, predicting “many months” of fighting the virus.

In an interview with “20 Minutes”, Del Val claims that a fourth wave will come “at the end of March”, coinciding with Easter which will cause “a wave as strong” as the third, “with the death of many old people”.

“It is possible that about six weeks after the current wave’s peak of contagion, which occurred around January 20, we will reach the valley and the number of cases will start to rise again. If we have made plans for Easter, we will not. we are going to change, we are going to meet people, it will continue to be cold and there will be activity inside, which will produce a wave as strong as this one, ”predicts the virologist.

The outlook will change slightly in the summer, when the chance of getting infected is “ten times better” due to the good weather. To this factor will be added a “much more advanced” vaccination campaign, which will help us to see “things differently”.

What will accompany us for “many months” are the masks, which we will stop wearing, he said, “when we know how much the vulnerable population is protected”. For Del Val, the key is in the ventilation of closed spaces, which “we are doing wrong”. “In the hotel industry, for example, the use of CO2 markers is not very widespread, so we don’t know if it ventilates well,” he explains.

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