Mariam nawaz warns Imran Khan: Maryam Nawaz threatens Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, leaves the throne on January 31, otherwise… – pml n leader

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Mariam Nawaz gave Prime Minister Imran Khan the ultimatum to step down from the throne by January 31. Dimariam warned that if Imran does not step down by January 31, other decisions will be made.
Maryam Nawaz, daughter of former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and leader of the PML-N, issued an ultimatum to Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi to leave the throne by January 31. Maryam warned that if the Imran government did not step down from power by January 31 in a “dignified” manner, other decisions would be made. He said that of course a long march will be organized under the leadership of the PDM.

Maryam said if the Imran government does not resign until January 31, opposition MPs will resign. Not only that, the crowd will also be making “other decisions”. Meanwhile, Imran Khan said his government was not threatened by the coalition of 11 opposition PDM parties. Addressing a meeting of his spokespersons on Monday, Khan said: “PDM is almost lost and is dead on his own, so there is no threat to the government.”

‘NRO aims to achieve full PDM movement’
According to the Dawn News report, the prime minister also asked his spokespersons to challenge the opposition in the media as well. Khan said the main agenda of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) was to secure concessions like the National Reconciliation Ordinance for its leaders. He said: “The whole movement of the PDM is aimed at getting the NRO but I will not give them any relief.”

The Express Tribune reported that Khan said that despite warnings given by the corona virus outbreak, the opposition coalition is organizing rallies and trying to play with people’s lives. The political atmosphere in Pakistan is heating up due to the verbal war between opposition leaders PDM and Imran Khan.

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