Marilyn Monroe was poisoned by John F Kennedy Brother Bobby with top secret CIA drug allegations, ex-cop

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The American sex symbol The death of Marilyn Monroe remains a mystery Marilyn had an alleged affair with the then American president, John F. Kennedy Former spy Mike claims that Marilyn was secretly poisoned by Bobby Kennedy Washington
The death of the famous Hollywood star and singer Marilyn Monroe, nicknamed the American sex symbol, remains a mystery to the whole world today. Marilyn would have had an affair with the American president of the time, John F. Kennedy, and her brother Bobby Kennedy. It was deemed to be a suicide after Marilyn’s death at the age of 36. Mike Rothmiller, now a former spy, claimed that Bobby Kennedy had given Marilyn a top secret poison.

This top secret poison was manufactured by the US intelligence agency CIA. Mike Rothmiller has stated that Bobby Kennedy poisoned Marilyn Monroe to prevent her from publicly announcing his affair with the US president and his brother. It was officially said that Marilyn Monroe, known for her depression and drug addiction, had committed suicide by consuming poison on the evening of August 4, 1962.

Monroe is said to be in love with John F. Kennedy
Despite rumors of Monroe’s affair with then-US President John F. Kennedy, who was married, it was never confirmed that the two had a close relationship. Not only that, the only real photo of the two is together. Even after that, Rothmiller brought a confidential police record in his next book which has been kept in the Los Angeles Police Department records.

In this police case it was revealed that the famous singer and actress was killed by the United States Attorney General and at that time the police hid the whole case. Rothmiller said: “When I went to the unit, I had no idea what was there. Nobody knew about it. There were three Kennedy family files. These three were connected to each other like a spider’s web. He stated that the files revealed that Marilyn was being watched by the police. Their phones were tapped and special equipment was installed to see what was going on in their homes.

John Kennedy’s name linked to a baseball player
Let us tell you that the black spot in Marilyn Monroe’s dazzling life is her mysterious death. The life and death of Marilyn Monroe is an example of what happens to a person due to excess and addiction. At the same time, it is also a warning for those who want to live a dazzling life. Marilyn Monroe’s name has been linked to everything from John Kennedy to singer Frank Sinatra and baseball player Joe DiMaggio. Not only that, Marilyn Monroe also made many failed marriages.

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