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The Matchmaking Academy assumed it: the digital age is trampling the implementation of new online businesses. This Spanish agency, created in 2015, a pioneer in the personal relations sector and endorser of the official ‘Professional Matchmaker’ and ‘Love Coaching’ certificates, turns every entrepreneur’s dream into reality: “Give us your idea, sign up while we are building your business together and getting ready to start it from day one, ”says Remedio Gomis, one of the academy’s founders and trainers.

His partner and also founder Puerto Lpez, explains that they have launched a new service for new entrepreneurs with a third member of the team. “We have reinvented ourselves and updated ourselves to the current situation”, he says, “this is why we have created a communication and consulting position in marketing and online distribution guided by a young specialist in the field”.

“We created a business idea,” says Remedio Gomis. The Matchmaking Academy encourages and supports people who want to invest in its project and do not know how, it trains them to value their talent, and during a guided process create their own personal brand oriented towards personal and social relationships. “At MA we believe that you have to invest in order to be an entrepreneur, the result of which is obvious: acquiring your own agency and being able to work from anywhere in the world”, they assure.

“We provide the appropriate training through private online masterclasses; we provide the user with manuals with all the necessary tools to promote his idea and consolidate his project; we teach them to resolve any sentimental and social situation; and we get them to help others find love by creating community among their clients, ”López says.

To all this must be added the new service fully integrated in the final price, adapted to the new times and executed in the final phase of the entire training. This is a follow-up and specific advice for each client under the functions of the journalist Begoa Bernldez, who will be in charge of implementing all the marketing and distribution strategies of the company once the training is completed. past.

“You will have attention throughout the program, you will not feel alone or alone,” says Gomis. “You will count from day one with the support of the academy and with the collaboration of other colleagues in the profession united under the same seal and the same working guidelines”.

This agency of good social and love practices has decided to start this step with a very special offer available until December 31, which includes everything you need to bring your business to life.

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