Marlaska counts 2,700 migrants returned to Morocco and goes to Ceuta to coordinate the response

Publication: Tuesday, May 18, 2021 12:56 PM

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, assured that the Government will put “all necessary means” to protect “the integrity of the borders” and estimated at 2,700 people returned to Morocco, of more than 6,000 people. who crossed the border from Ceuta yesterday.

“The government will not give up on adopting all the necessary measures to reverse this situation, to provide support to ordinary citizens. We are and will continue to be energetic in the defense of our borders,” the minister said in the conference release after the executive meeting.

Grande-Marlaska, who will go to the autonomous city this afternoon to coordinate with the administrations concerned, indicated that “immediate” returns are carried out by following “established channels”.

In addition, he stressed that “200 members of the national police and the civil guard are arriving” to reinforce the 1,100 permanently deployed in Ceuta.

“This is an extraordinary and exceptional situation to which we are responding with extraordinary means”, underlined the minister, who defended the three years of “immigration policy” that his ministry leads.

Likewise, the Minister of the Interior sent a message to those who benefit from the migratory crisis, speaking of the extreme right but without explicitly mentioning it.

“As belligerent as we are going to be in defending Spain’s borders in Ceuta, we are going to be in the rejection and persecution of hate speech,” he decided.

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