Maroto announces the creation of the first electric car factory in Spain

Updated: Thursday, March 4, 2021 1:14 PM

Published on: 04.03.2021 12:56

Reyes Maroto announced the creation of the first electric car factory in Spain. He did so during his speech at the 28th UGT-FICA Federal Congress, in which he explained that the government will develop a public-private consortium, with SEAT-Volkswagen and Iberdrola and open to other partners, to set up the first battery factory in our country.

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism explained that this project aims to “switch to electric and connected vehicles” and, according to her statements, it will ensure that there are “the necessary infrastructure and facilities to manufacture autonomously and competitive “.

In this sense, the Minister of Industry declared that it was a “government commitment” so that our country continues to be a “leader of the automotive industry” at the global level, betting on mobility. sustainable.

Maroto also spoke of the strength of social dialogue in Spain and its important role in the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “We worked together with three priorities: protecting the health of workers, protecting the productive fabric and jobs and launching a recovery, transformation and resilience plan to promote a battery of investments,” he said. .

Likewise, the Minister spoke of an industry pact to diversify, balance and modernize the productive structure and promote strategic sectors. For this, he said, the coalition government already has a “draft of the basis of the State Pact which must be approved by the High Level Industry Forum for submission to Congress”. According to him, it is a “good moment” to approach a pact which will give “stability and will strengthen the productive capacities”.

Regarding the innovations of the industrial field for 2021, Maroto has put forward a support fund for productive industrial investment, endowed with 600 million; strengthening support for the large electro-intensive industry; and the Program for the Promotion of Industrial Competitiveness and Sustainable Tractor Projects.

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