Marriage of a Muslim baby girl in the Philippines: Forced marriage of a 13-year-old to a 48-year-old man, a 5-year-old growing up to BB – a 13-year-old Muslim child in the Philippines is forced to marry a man 48 years old and become his fifth wife

A 13-year-old child living in the Philippines, a country in Southeast Asia, has been forcibly married to a 48-year-old man. It was the fifth marriage of this person and now the child must follow the children of his age. Large numbers of family and friends attended the wedding in the predominantly Muslim province of Maguindanao. After marriage, the underage bride must follow her husband’s children, some of whom are of the same age.

After the wedding, the groom Abdullerjak Ampatuan said that I am very happy to find Bibi again and that I will follow the children together. The wedding took place in the groom’s house where he first learned to be a good husband. After that, Abdularjak arrived at Dulhan’s house with drums and drums. After that, the two got married and those present blessed them. During this time, there were fierce celebrations.

After the marriage, the child reportedly said, “I am not afraid of her (husband) because she loves me. I am now learning to cook because now I am not able to do this job well. I want my husband to be happy. Three weeks after this marriage, Abdullerjak built a small house for his wife where the two live with children.

Abdullerzak is a farmer by profession and his new wife now takes care of the housework. In addition to taking care of children born to first wives. Abdullerjak claimed he would not bear children until his new wife was 20 years old. Also, give money to his new wife so that he can study. In this predominantly Muslim area, boys can get married at the age of 15, while girls can get married as soon as they cross the threshold of youth.

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