Marriage Proposal for Covid Vaccination: Young Man Who Has Been Vaccinated Against Nurse Proposed To Nurse, Video Wins Internet Heart

A young man who came to America to apply the Corona vaccine gave a nurse a unique surprise. In fact, medical assistant Robbie Vargas Cortes, 31, and nurse by profession Eric Verderley had been in a relationship for five years. Cortés proposed Verderly to the marriage at the vaccination center just before the vaccine was put in place. The video of Gay Couple’s proposal has gone viral on social media.

Recently, Cortes received an appointment at a hospital in South Dakota, United States, to get the vaccine. He knew his boyfriend was also working on the vaccine. For this reason, he decided to surprise the boyfriend on the day of the vaccination. According to media reports, nurse Eric Verderly was unaware her boyfriend would suggest him to the vaccination center.

Verderly immediately said yes to the wedding as soon as he proposed the boyfriend. Verderley then vaccinated Corona to her boyfriend-turned-fiancé Cortés himself. Sanford Health Center posted a video of the couple’s marriage proposal on Facebook, which has now gone viral. Cortes said he had the ring for three years to offer. But they were looking for a special occasion. The couple also said they would not get married until after the outbreak was over.

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