“Married and I’m the same”

Publication: Saturday, April 24, 2021 09:49

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid and candidate for re-election, believes that the change in Spain will begin on May 4 in Madrid and denies having more electoral attraction than the leader of her party, Pablo Casado, since she ensures that they are “the same project”.

In this sense, Ayuso, who gave an interview to EFE, affirms: “(Casado and I) are the same, the same project, the same party, it is his house, it is his cradle, we were born together politically and I apply recipes which almost always follow the same path.

Asked if she believes that the national PP has “complexes”, the president of Madrid replied that she did not believe “at all”, to which she added that the difference is that she governs and can “perform” and “demonstrate with facts”.

In addition, Ayuso has claimed her own profile in Madrid, but she is not afraid of others claiming her success and has been grateful that Casado delegates her trust and support to her without “sponsorship”, without needing him. accompanies it “even on posters, at each meeting and at each proposal,” he stressed.

Like Casado, the popular president of Madrid predicts that the Madrid elections will be the first step for the PP to reach the Moncloa, as shown in his opinion by the involvement of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, in the campaign of the socialist candidate, Angel. Gabilondo. . Likewise, he perceives that the people, and not just the right, but “sane” citizens, oppose the PSOE executive and United We Can.

Regarding possible agreements, Isabel Díaz Ayuso underlines that her objective is not to unite PP, Ciudadanos and Vox, but to achieve a “one-color” government. “I see that lately Vox has been criticizing us a lot in rallies, Pablo Casado and me in particular, but I am clear that my opponents are in the lead,” referring to PSOE, Más Madrid and Podemos, who according to Ayuso, “defend extreme tax hikes”, “massive closures by decree” or “the end of freedom of choice” in education.

For her part, the candidate for re-election to the presidency of Madrid defends her recipe for keeping bars and shops open in the Community, although it differs from the path followed by other autonomous governments of the PP, such as Andalusia. or Galician, since it considers that the weight of the service sector in Madrid is similar to that of industry in the Basque Country or fishing in Galicia.

“I never criticized the other Communities either, but I did it that way. It’s true that sometimes I didn’t have support, but I didn’t have support because it didn’t. there was no legislation or national strategy, ”he said.

The Madrid president has also avoided taking a public position on her future role in the Madrid PP because, as she indicated, there is a year left before a new leader is elected. “It is a debate which is far from me (…) before there is something much more important to fight, that is to say on May 4th”, he declared.

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