Married announces that the PP is leaving its historic headquarters in Genoa, 13


Updated: Tuesday, February 16, 2021 2:44 PM

Published on: 02/16/2021 1:01 PM

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, announced on Tuesday that the formation would leave the historic headquarters of Calle Génova, 13 in Madrid, a popular center since 1983. The building was at the heart of the controversy over the alleged reform paid at cost of box B of the PP in 2007, an issue that is currently being settled by the courts.

“We must not continue in a building whose reform is under investigation this week in court,” Casado told the executive committee of his training. Popular sources at LaSexta assure that the move will take place before the summer.

The truth is that it is not the subject of an investigation, but that it is already being prosecuted: this is the so-called Box B trial for which its former treasurer, Luis Bárcenas, is being investigated and where the training appears as a civilian responsible for profit.

The move comes as a surprise, after popular sources have consistently denied that the party appreciates a change of venue or even a re-foundation with new acronyms.

“The problem of the PP is neither to know which seat it has, nor a logo, nor an anthem, nor a name. The problem we have is fundamental. What will make us reconnect with our society and our electorate, this “is not to paint another’s logo. color or move to the building opposite,” censured in 2018 the main candidate for the party’s presidency at the time.

They won’t talk about Bárcenas anymore

Regarding Bárcenas, whose trial began last week, Casado assured that the leadership “will not come back to give explanations on any past action” which corresponds to actions in a personal capacity and not by the party, according to him. .

“We can no longer afford it with the next electoral calendar,” the popular president said.

At the National High Court, the piece of Box B of the PP is now on trial, in which Bárcenas and another former treasurer, Cristóbal Páez, are accused of the alleged payment of the historic siege reform in 2007 with money from the parallel accounting. accredited by the Supreme Court. Donations received for training in 2008 are also assessed and whether these donations were used in bonuses for leaders and election expenses.

Likewise, and as part of the fight against party corruption, the PP will set up a transparency mechanism and an anonymous complaints channel.

Married acknowledges poor election results

Regarding the electoral results in Catalonia, Casado admitted that they were “bad”, since the formation lost one seat out of the four it obtained in 2017, “instead of going up to five and recovering the parliamentary group “. “He orders us to take note of it,” he explained, defending Alejandro Fernández as the best possible candidate.

In this regard, Casado indicated that the results of the Catalan elections can not be extrapolated to the national level, but he announced the commission to the National and Autonomous Committee of the party of a “strategic plan for the recovery of our space in Catalonia. “

National convention in the fall

The PP will also organize a national convention in the autumn, for which it will draw up a “strategic policy document” in the form of an appeal open to all Spaniards and with contributions from civil society and different sectors.

“We want those who left to come back, because much more to come than they had ever been,” he stressed, arguing that the PP must extend its electoral base to the political center.

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