married bodybuilder sex doll: married bodybuilder doll with rituals, met at nightclub – bodybuilder yuri tolochko married his beloved sex doll in kazakhstan

You must have seen the marriage of man and woman. In the present day, we have also heard of marriages of two women, two men and a third sex. But have you ever heard of the marriage of a human and a doll? Maybe not heard but it’s absolutely true. A bodybuilder from Kazakhstan married a Margo doll with full rituals. When Yuri Tolochko married her doll fiancé, dozens of guests were present and a traditional dance program was also held there. Let’s know the whole story….

Bodybuilder dancing with Doll Bibi

Yuri posted his wedding video to Instagram, in which he smiled in the traditional groom’s outfit. He can also be seen in the video dancing with his beautiful wife Margo. He had put his arms in his wife’s arms and they both looked quite happy as a couple. Her path is simply a synthetic sex doll. Sharing the footage from their unusual wedding, she wrote on Instagram: ‘This has happened so far. This celebration will continue even further.

‘I love the incredible ways of a woman’

Yuri has two accounts on Instagram and together there are about a lakh forty thousand followers. Yuri shared the formal video of the kisses in front of the guests on social media and is wearing the Margo ring. It may seem like an unconventional marriage, but Yuri was ready for it long before. These routes want too much. According to him, Margo is beautiful Hasina.

First met in a nightclub

Yuri wrote in another post, “ Couples should talk less, they should have more engagement. Margo and I realized over time that it takes more time to understand than words, but this feeling is very special. Your partner deserves your deepest desire, but they should leave nothing behind on their behalf. Yuri claims to have met Margo for the first time in a nightclub.

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