“Married is number two”

Publication: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 1:50 PM

In Ferraz, it’s clear. Isabel Díaz Ayuso has become the number 1 of the PP, relegating Pablo Casado to the background. Although they consider that the speech of the interim president would not penetrate all over Spain, the results of the Madrid elections cannot therefore be extrapolated to the national level.

“Pablo Casado is number two in the PP and allowed Ayuso to take the most radical speech and content from the Spanish right,” Carmen Calvo said after being asked about the results. In addition, the PSOE equality secretary and vice-president of the government declared that in this campaign “unintelligible and grotesque things have been heard for this country”.

They recognize that the results of the PSOE have not been good. And it is that Gabilondo lost 13 seats compared to the 2019 elections, which led him to move from the first force to the third place behind Más Madrid. In fact, socialist sources do not rule out their candidate resigning in the coming hours.

“Casado is number two in the PP and allowed Ayuso to take the most radical speech and content of the Spanish right”

“There are a thousand factors for which we have failed. We must not look for a single culprit, but open a deep reflection. In Madrid, it was taken for granted that Ayuso won and the voters tried others. options on the left, ”they point out. out of Ferraz in this regard.

Despite everything, at the PSOE, they defend that these data cannot be extrapolated to the national level, just as the results for Andalusia and Catalonia were not significant. Precisely, they believe that “neither Casado was also dead during the last meeting of the PP” in the Catalan elections “nor is he so alive now.

In this regard, Carmen Calvo recalled that if “Madrid counts and everything has meaning, the rest of Spain exists and it is opportune that we begin to respect territorial diversity”.

Teresa Ribera, the fourth vice-president of the executive, spoke in the same direction, who asked that the results be “contextualized” because in Madrid “the PP has been in power for 26 years” and the data cannot not be “extrapolated”.

They thus respond to a PP who endorsed Ayuso’s victory and who considers that the interim president of Madrid can be Casado’s springboard to chase Sánchez de la Moncloa.

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