Mars and Venus conjunction 2021: Mars and Venus will be closest to the Moon, see the planetary conjunction

There is good news for space lovers around the world. Earth’s two neighboring planets, Mars and Venus, will come closer on July 12 and 13. These two planets will come together so closely that humans will be able to see this rare sight with their own eyes. Scientists have said that Mars and Venus will be visible in the western part of space after sunset. Not only that, today the moon will also pass closest to them.

This wonderful phenomenon is a wonderful confluence of planets. This confluence occurs when two planets are very close to each other in sight. Although in reality these two planets are very far from each other. Mars and Venus will be visible within 0.5 degrees of each other and can be easily seen from Earth. Although in reality these will be very far. According to the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, the Moon will also be part of this coincidence.

The institute said Mars and Venus will reach nearly 4 degrees on July 13. The institute said this rare view of the moon approaching India will be seen on July 12. He said that from today, every night, it can be seen with the naked eye. This view will be visible in the coming days. It is said that the planets Mars and Venus will gradually begin to separate from each other starting on Tuesday.

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