Mars Aurora images: UAE Mars Orbiter Hope Aurora images: Mars photo taken by Orbiter Hope from the United Arab Emirates

Not only are the American and Chinese rovers looking for life on the surface of Mars, the United Arab Emirates Orbiter, which circles it, has also started to dig history. Additionally, the UAE’s Hope Orbiter has taken some of the most spectacular photos of the Mars Aurora ever. These images are special not only because of their beauty, but also because they will provide an understanding of how the thick atmosphere of Mars disappeared billions of years ago. The presence and knowledge of the atmosphere is very important for life to flourish. (All photos: @HopeMarsMission)

Why is Aurora special?

Aurora is the light produced by the collision of high-energy particles from the solar wind in the Earth’s magnetosphere. These particles transfer energy to particles in the air and this produces light. The Earth has a magnetic field, thanks to which these auroras are very clearly visible at the poles but not on Mars. There was a magnetic field on it and some parts are still there and such auroras are forming here called discrete auroras. They have never been seen in visible light before.

How were the photos taken?

Mission team member Justin Degan of the University of Colorado Boulder said all light-sensitive instruments visible on Mars are designed to take photos in daytime conditions. Hope took the photos in ultraviolet light, the wavelength of which is shorter than that of other spacecraft. For this reason, Aurora has been seen in more detail. Degan says that with their help, it will be understood how the atmosphere of Mars has changed.

What is Hope’s mission?

Hope is also aiming to prepare the first global weather map for Mars. This mission is special because the previous rovers circled around Mars so that they could monitor every part of it at a limited time of the day. Other than that, Hope’s orbit is oval, which will take 55 hours for this rover. Thanks to this, he will be able to keep an eye on certain parts of Mars for longer day and night. In a year of March, he will keep an eye on every part for the whole day.

United Arab Emirates Mangal mission is Arab countries’ first “hope”

United Arab Emirates Mangal mission is Arab countries’ first “hope”

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