Mars First City Nüwa: Tempe Mensa Mars First city Nüwa on the red planet Plans are unveiled for the house for people: City of Dreams will be installed like this on Mars, 250,000 humans will be able to live on the red planet, see photos

The race to reach Mars from Earth is increasing all over the world. Incidents in America, China and the United Arab Emirates have sent many astronomers from around the world in spaceships to Mars. In the meantime, a master plan to build a dream city on the red planet has emerged. This architectural plan was created by ABIBOO Studio. This very popular studio has offices all over the world, including the United States. According to the master plan, houses will be built to accommodate two and a half million people on Mars. The peculiarity is that this whole city will only be inhabited by the material on Mars. Let us know what will be special about this city that will be installed on Mars in the future …

The city of Mars will be very different from the cities of the earth

The capital of the city, which is settled in the Tempe Mensa region on Mars, will be Nuva (Nüwa). 5 of these cities must be inhabited on Mars. The city will be inhabited vertically instead of being parallel on the sides of a steep cliff. This will remove the pressure from the atmosphere and the risk of radiation. If there is no shadow, then the human being can be killed by radiation. The good thing is that carbon dioxide and water will end up on the surface of Mars. Through this, ABIBOO plans to create steel on Mars and create materials that can make the city inhabited there for a long time. This state-of-the-art city built on Mars will have all the facilities a city built on Earth has. This includes the house, the office and the green spaces. The design of this city, located on Mars, was conceived based on scientific research from the Mars Society and the Sonnet Network.

Do you know how long humans will be able to live in the city of Mars?

Alfredo Munoz, founder of ABIBOO, told Euro News that we have done a lot of analysis on computers and are working with scientists to find out what situations we might face on Mars. After the master plan, those who now dream of living on Mars, should give it to their children and grandchildren because the construction of this city will not begin until 2054. According to the company, it would not be possible to live in this city. city ​​before the year 2100. The proposed city will be home to about two and a half million people. The city is named after the Chinese goddess Nüwa who is the protector of humans. Most of the construction will be done inside the steep rock and a few small buildings will be built inside the rock as well.

Do you know how much money it will take to get to Mars?

In this city installed on Mars, green domes will be built that will either serve as a park for the people who live there, or vegetables will be grown there on an experimental basis. The main source of food in this city will be the crops grown there. He will provide half of the food for the 2.5 lakh who live here. Microalgae will be the most important part of the human diet. For fun on Mars, humans will be able to do whatever they do on Earth. This includes everything from sports to art etc. Taking a human from Earth to Mars to live there will be a difficult task, but it will not be possible. There will be a shuttle service from Earth to Mars that will go every 26 months and the trip will take one to three months. One way ticket costs around $ 3 lakh (around two crore rupees) in this trip. This way, traveling to Mars will be very expensive.

99% water is hidden here on Mars

Billions of years ago on Mars, filled with endless possibilities, huge ponds of water, lakes and seas existed but over time everything disappeared. The question of where this water went has long been a question for scientists. Today, according to a new study by the US space agency NASA, 30 to 99% of the water on Mars is hidden on this red planet. He said that this water exists only inside the minerals present inside the outer crust of Mars. The researchers designed a computer simulation using data from the satellite and the rover rotating above Mars. He describes how the water gradually dissipated from Mars. Scientists have reported that the Chantani form of Mars occurred 3-4 billion years ago after a volcanic eruption. Earth is able to recycle its top layer and remove trapped water. On the contrary, the rocks of Mars are so old that they can store large amounts of water. Earlier on July 31, 2008, NASA’s Phoenix Mars lander confirmed the presence of water inside the Mars ice.

Elon Musk proclaims, the human city will settle on Mars

Elon Musk, owner of the company spacex, one of the richest billionaires on the planet, has announced human settlements on Mars before a possible third world war. He said everything will work automatically in this city located on Mars. Elon Musk announced his intention to establish colonies on Mars at a virtual Mars Society conference. Earlier, Musk had said he intended to land humans on Mars by 2026. At the same time, U.S. space agency NASA plans to send humans to Mars by 2033. He also warned that if humans do not get to Mars as soon as possible, there may be a crisis over the existence of humanity. Musk said at the conference, “I understand that setting a goal for a self-governing city on Mars is very helpful. Our focus should not be a few people or a den, but a self-governing urban colony. He said there is a need to test whether the human settlement on Mars will end if the supply to earth is cut off for some reason or if nuclear destruction takes place.

Why is it important to establish a city on Mars other than Earth?

Tesla founder Musk said humanity currently faces many possibilities. There may be a fierce war, a devastating volcanic eruption or a meteor fall or we kill each other. He said that if I say it clearly, human civilization does not seem very powerful to me. We look shabby right now. Musk said that Mars cannot be a place of escape for us unless a self-governing city is established there. He also said this is unlikely to happen during his lifetime. The billionaire entrepreneur said: “It doesn’t make sense in itself that you go to a place where you know you will die but you don’t have a lifeboat.” He said it would reduce the risk of the end of mankind and he would be able to travel to many planets. Elon Musk warned that if man does not leave earth as soon as possible and start traveling to other planets, then humanity is sure to end.

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