mars megaflood: Scientists found huge flood marks on Mars, meteorites that fell 4 billion years ago did? – scientists find megaripples suggesting flood that hit March 4 billion years ago

Scientists continue to research to find the answer to whether there is life on Mars. Scientists have found shocking results in the latest study. Scientists at Jackson State University, Cornell University, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the University of Hawaii have discovered that there was a terrible flooding on Mars about 4 billion years ago.

Alberto G. Firan, a scientist in the study, reported that the first major flood was detected based on sedimentological data from the Curiosity Rover. Previously, the deposits left by the floods had never been identified. In a report published in the Journal of Scientific Reports this month, data from Gale Crater and its sedimentary layers were studied. With its help, water, air and other factors were understood.
How did the flood come about?
The rover found mega-marpples (traces of huge waves) at Gale Crater which hinted at occasional flooding. Researchers believe that a meteorite may have caused this huge flood. This melted the ice on Mars and released carbon dioxide and methane. This led to hot and humid conditions on Mars. After that, there will be heavy rains.

According to Alberts, the study indicates that conditions on Mars in the early days were such that there was liquid water. He said it indicated that life was possible there but was there life? Perseverance Rover can help you find answers to this.

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