Mars mission images: images of the Chinese mission Mars Tianwen 1: images of the Chinese mission to Mars

Three spaceships are approaching the Red Planet to find the answer to whether life on Mars is possible. China has also released images of its Tianwen-1 spacecraft, which shows great views. This Wednesday, Tianwen-1 had reached near Mars and entered its orbit. The UAE’s ‘Hope’ spacecraft has also entered orbit on Mars, and US Space Agency NASA’s Perseverance Rover will also land on the Red Planet this month.

Showing the edge of the atmosphere

China has received many photographs of this ambitious mission which can be seen in a video. Video is taken from Tianwen-1’s Small Engineering Survey subsystem camera, in which Mars is seen. After that, the edge of the atmosphere of Mars is seen. Craters on the surface of Mars are also visible. The second video shows a photo taken with the Tianwen-1 tracking antenna surveillance camera. Many small surveillance cameras are installed in the engineering survey subsystem. The cameras took pictures for half an hour every three seconds.

When did it land?

Tianwen-1 was launched on July 23 last year and is China’s first independent mission to a planet. He reached Mars after traveling a distance of 295 million miles after a 202-day journey. It has an orbiter and a rover. It is believed that a landing on the surface of Mars will be attempted in May or June. Until then, the photos of the Utopia Planitia landing site will be taken and the map will be prepared.

Video – Mars showing how it rises …

The road to the red planet is not easy

America is the only country so far that has successfully landed a spacecraft on Mars and has done this eight times. Two NASA landers operate there, Insight and Curiosity. Six other spacecraft are taking photos of the Red Planet from orbit of Mars, including three from the United States, two from European countries and one from India. China’s last attempt on Mars was in collaboration with Russia, which failed in 2011.

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