Mars rover selfie: NASA Curiosity Rover Mars Selfie: selfie of the NASA rover on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity Rover began work on a rock on Mars in early March. It is called Mont Mercou. The 6-meter-high boulder is taken by Rover in a selfie. In the selfie, the rover is seen in front of the rock and the new borehole is also seen on Nontron, a rock sample. This is the 30th sample from the rover.

This selfie is made up of 60 photographs taken by Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI). It is mounted on the robotic arm of the rover. These photos have been mixed with 11 photos taken from Mastcam. Rover’s Mastcam has previously taken panoramic photos as well. Curiosity turned the sample into powder after taking it and kept it safe.

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With their help, the team will study the structure of the rock and try to find out what the history of Mars was like. Mont Mercou is a place in France near the village named Nontron. On Mars, scientists found the clay mineral Nontronite which is found in Nontron. This is why this place was named after Nontron.

Mars Pictures

A few days ago, Curiosity uploaded a video of the clouds of Mars. These views were captured in the cameras mounted on him. Eight new photos showed five-minute views from the eye of the navigation camera. We have seen them move like the clouds of the earth. These were shared by North Carolina State University scientist Paul Brynern.

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