Marshal: “The Bible still does a lot of damage to society”

In 2015, Javier Mariscal (Valencia, 71 years) the designer, among many other creatures, of Cobi, the mascot of the Olympic Games in Barcelona was going through a delicate time of his life and, jokingly, he had declared that, when he was ruined, he was going to order in the streets. Some media took it seriously and looked for it in case it was true. THE COUNTRY then asked him how he was doing. He replied: “There is a shower of humility that suits me very well when your ego grows a lot and you think you are the bomb. Things put you in your place. Now the thing is that you have to look for life outside. The same change of profession, but I really like to draw. ”

Question. What happened next?

Answer. I never wonder … Now I am fully in a project, with Fernando Trueba, after Chico and Rita. Three years ahead. Cartoon in a very adult way. They are real voices, real interviews that are telling a story. When the film is over, I would like to go to the country and paint. All this spring I was painting with the birds.

P. Six years ago that was what I wanted to do. What kept him in the city?

R. Having to find your life. You need to be in town to work with a small group, doing what I call visual communication. I sell more and more drawings and paintings. Now that the children are older, I could go to the country. The project I am working on now is very large, a comic about evolution… The Bible still does a lot of damage to society. It is not true that in five days a man with a beard similar to me, white, creates the clouds, the sky, the waves, the zebras… and then he says: “I have created the Earth and many stars around it. Now I’m going to make someone in my image and likeness ”. Watch out for the Bible! “So,” says the guy with the white hair, “I take a lump of clay and pull the man out.” That newly created man spends the weekend jerking off and then the maker says: “I’m going to make you a pussy so you can fuck him.” That’s the Bible, but it’s a lie.

P. In that interview it seemed that a character had spread on a table and was putting the pieces together … Now this is a reflective Marshal.

R. I am not thoughtful. At school they said “you have to reflect”, and I fell asleep. When my friend Miquel Barceló finishes a painting, he loves to reflect, to think about it. That is very difficult for me. I live a lot like a child, the moment. I have a hard time thinking. If I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow! I am looking for silence a lot. I think I live in a very noisy society. The media makes a lot of noise. I like not knowing what a newscast is or what social networks are…

Q. Does the past weigh you down?

A. No. When I ride the motorcycle, I find it difficult to look in the rear-view mirror. I like to read history, but I don’t have a lot of memory. Thanks to history, I know that there are now fewer countries with the death penalty than countries that have it. Children can defend themselves against abusers. I live in Europe, we have a democracy that works, you turn on the tap and water comes out under pressure … Please, what is there to complain about! There is a lot of respect, everything works, people queue, pay and then clap …

P. You have never been pessimistic.

R. Being alive should lead you to say daily “thank you, life is wonderful.” It is much better to be optimistic. In the face of ETA terrorism, it was necessary to say “how can one be so savage, end life, what beasts”. Like the death penalty; it’s crazy. From a very young age I have felt very loved… The pain is there too; without pain you could not appreciate the good morning.

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