marwa elselehdar suez Canal blockade: Suez Canal blockade: Egypt’s first female ship captain accidentally hit a 100 km long traffic jam in the Suez Canal? Know the truth – find out why Egypt’s first female ship captain, Marwa Elselehdar, is accused of the Suez Canal blockade

The traffic jam in Egypt’s Suez Canal, one of the world’s most important shipping lanes, is now over and ships have started to move normally. The huge container ship Ever Given ran aground in the Suez Canal using levees and powerful ships, it was evacuated on Monday. Now, Egypt’s first female ship captain, Marwa Elselehdar, has become controversial in all of this controversy. Around the world, Marva has been blamed for the loss of billions of dollars on the internet and the 100 km long traffic jam in the sea. Was Marwa, 29, really responsible for this whole crisis or was spreading fake news against her. Let us know the truth….

Target created as female captain?

The first Egyptian woman, Captain Marwa, was stressed after being drawn into the controversy over a traffic jam in the Suez Canal and gave a cleanup. Marva said that at the time of the Suez Canal jam, she was in service in Alexandria, the port city of Bhumadhyasagar, several kilometers from here. He said, “I was in shock. I feel like I have been targeted because I am a successful woman in this field or am from Egypt, but I am not sure. He said: “In our society people still do not accept the idea of ​​working girls in the sea far from their families for a long time. But when you like what you like and you don’t have to accept it from everyone. According to reports, Marva is among the two percent of women in the world who work on commercial vessels at sea.

Marva was honored by the Egyptian President

In fact, the Ever Given ship got stuck in the Suez Canal and the fake news went viral on social media that the Suez Canal is blocked because of Marva. Marva said: ‘This fake news was in English so it spread to other countries around the world. I tried a lot to refute what appeared in this fake news because it affected my reputation and destroyed any efforts I got here. He said that despite many negative comments about the fake news, some of the comments were encouraging. Marva will take her exam next month so she can earn the rank of captain. She hopes she will continue to inspire women in the future. In 2017, Marva was honored by President Abdel Fatah L CC on the occasion of Women’s Day. He breathed a sigh of relief after the truth came out to the world.

A 100 km long traffic jam caused by the entrapment of a vessel in Suez

Jamming in the Suez Canal caused a 100 km long traffic jam in the sea and around 30% of world trade was cut off for several days. Officials said the ship was stranded due to high winds and a dust storm and it took 6 days and seven hours to evacuate. The whole world was watching this whole event. A report also claimed the ship was moving faster than the canal’s speed limit. Due to its blockage, many ships ran aground and terrible traffic jams occurred. More than 420 ships were waiting for the Japanese-owned Panamanian-flagged vessel Ever Green to cross the waterway. The ship Ever Green was stranded on its shore about four miles north of the southern entrance to the canal near the town of Suez. Due to the jamming of the sea route, there was a possibility of delay in the delivery of goods and escalating costs around the world. This would have added further pressure on the shipping industry already facing a crisis due to the corona virus scandals.

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