Mary Trump vs Donald Trump: my uncle Donald Trump is ‘cruel and traitor’, sent to prison: my trump card – niece of Donald Trump Mary Trump says her cruel and traitor uncle belongs in prison

President Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump has said her uncle is “ criminal, cruel and treacherous ” and should be sent to jail after leaving the White House. Mary, psychologist and writer, is a vocal critic of her father’s younger brother, Donald Trump. He rejects the ideology that prosecuting Trump will widen the political divide in the country.

Mary said in an interview with the AP this week: “It is truly a shame to say over and over again that the American people can handle this and that we have to move forward now.” He said, “If anyone really needs to be sued, it’s Donald, otherwise it would mean that we are preparing to accept someone worse than that.”

Regarding Mary’s comments, a spokesperson for Donald Trump’s campaign said: “Did he say he had a book he had to sell.” I am the daughter of Fred Trump, President Trump’s older brother. She announced this week that she will be writing a sequel to her uncle’s book Too Much and Never Enough, How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, titled “ The Calculus. ”

Mary’s first book on the family came out in July. In September, Mary filed a multi-million dollar fraud case against President Donald Trump, his brother Robert Trump and his sister Maryane Trump Trump.

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