maryam nawaz camera in bathroom: sensational allegation by maryam nawaz, imran sarkar installed a camera in the bathroom – pakistan maryam nawaz sensational allegation imran khan government installed a camera in the bathroom

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, daughter of former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, claimed that the administration also installed a camera in her bathroom while she was in prison. He said that in the Chaudhary sugar factory case, when he was jailed last year, he had to deal with many problems inside the prison. There was also a camera inside his cell in prison.

Maryam said that I have been to jail twice and if I go through the difficulties of being a woman, if I open my mouth, then they will not be able to show their faces. He said, “Today I don’t want to tell the world that injustice has happened to me inside the prison. Mariam said people from the administration would enter her hotel room and kidnap her daughter in front of Nawaz Sharif, so no woman is safe in Pakistan.

Maryam said that a woman, whether in Pakistan or outside, is not weak. He said there could be talks with the military, but the Imran government should definitely lead the way. The PML-N leader told the BBC that this interaction with the military should be within the framework of the constitution. He said the Pakistani army tried to negotiate with his close associates but there had been no dialogue with him.

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