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Maryam Nawaz Sharif, daughter of former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, violently attacked Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi following Pakistan’s brutal defeat in Kashmir. Maryam said that due to Imran’s stupidity and incompetence, Kashmir went to Narendra Modi’s lap. He said if Pakistan lost its claim to Kashmir then the whole country would be hurt.

Mariam Nawaz said that Imran Khan often says that Nawaz Sharif is Modi’s love but that he himself lost Kashmir to the Indian Prime Minister. Maryam said: “When there is a weak prime minister in the country who did not come with the support and vote of the people and when the government is weak, then enemies like India attack like that.” He said it was the stupidity and incompetence of Imran Khan that Kashmir went to Narendra Modi’s lap.

‘Nawaz Sharif forced Modi to come to Pakistan’
Maryam said, “When there is a government like Nawaz Sharif, Modi has to go alone and come to Pakistan. It is the difference between a real prime minister and a false prime minister. For this reason, the vote must be respected. Mariam Nawaz also accused Imran Khan of negotiating Kashmir. He said prosecutions were underway for alleged criticism of the military, while Imran Khan himself had criticized the military on several occasions.

The PML-N leader said his party was going to file a complaint against him for criticizing the Pakistani military based on Imran Khan’s past statements. Earlier at the PDM rally, Maryam also fiercely attacked the army for the defeats in Siachen and Kashmir. He said that when the country’s political parties started to keep their promises, some forces (the Pakistani military and the ISI), which were known to be divided and dominated, started to stir.

Maryam said that then we saw that the former ISI chief Lt. Gen. Ahmad Shuja created a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Imran Khan’s party) by collecting political waste. When politicians in the country were sentenced to death and their character was called into question, some people violated the oath to violate the country and the constitution, losing Siachen and Kashmir, meddling in politics and more seriously. Crimes committed These people have not been held responsible to date.

Imran’s minister calls opposition a traitor
After this statement by Maryam, the government minister Imran came to the rescue and calls the opposition parties as traitors. Speaking on the language of Imran, Pakistani Badbole Minister Sheikh Rashid called on the opposition, especially Nawaz Sharif, to polish the shoes of former dictator general Ziaul Haq. He claimed that the Pakistani military had never been involved in the country’s politics before and never will be in the future. However, Sheikh Rashid himself used to criticize the Pakistani army while in opposition before the defections.

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