Más País officially ceases to exist to recover its original name, Más Madrid

Más Madrid has once again regained its original name in the party register of the Ministry of the Interior, which was changed to Más País in order to articulate the electoral mark led by Iñigo Errejón in the last general elections.

According to training sources, the change to return to the original name of the party has already been formalized and, in fact, the reference to Más País does not appear in the register of political parties.

A change of a purely technical and formal nature for registration purposes and which did not affect the political and parliamentary activity of Más Madrid last year, which functioned normally and with his name perfectly visible both in the parliamentary group in the Assembly of Madrid and the city council of the capital, as well as other institutions.

In turn, the secondment of the two deputies to Congress, Errejón and Inés Sábanés, will continue to be that of Más País, who are integrated into the plural parliamentary group.

These sources pointed out that the party decided to attend the second general election when a government agreement was not reached after the first electoral nomination between the PSOE and United We Can.

Faced with the urgency of the times established to appear in these second elections, in which they participated as a means of unblocking the political system, the “faster” legal formula was chosen, which consisted in changing the name of the already constituted party, Más Madrid for More Country, which was the brand present in different neighborhoods.

The other options delayed the application process longer. For example, the constitution of a constituency platform required the collection of signatures. Therefore, and so that the candidacy led by Errejón is ready as soon as possible, this legal formula was chosen.

More country was an electoral platform that generated parliamentary representation, but at the organic level, there is no

Now, from the training, they have pointed out that this name change was a “parenthesis” and that More Country was an election platform for this nomination. Once the time has elapsed and the internal and organizational process completed, Más Madrid has once again regained its party name with wide representation at regional and municipal levels in Madrid, which was formalized a few days ago.

In the summer, the base of the formation elected as leader Mónica García, who set herself the objective of “widening” her political formation and overtaking the PSOE as a political reference for the left.

More Country does not exist organically

Thus, the reference deputies of the Madrid formation continue to be the parliamentarians of Más País, but whose name as a party ceases to exist. “More Country was an electoral platform that generated parliamentary representation, but at the organic level, More Country does not exist,” these sources went on to explain.

However, these sources stressed that these circumstances do not imply “any withdrawal” from the political project. In fact, from this electoral experience also in Andalusia, another autonomous project similar to Más Madrid was established.

Therefore, the future will determine how the political project referenced to Iñigo Errejón will be presented. For example, it has not yet been decided whether a brand will be presented in the elections in Catalonia.

Since there is no continuous electoral cycle in sight (municipal, regional and state), it will be reflected on the most appropriate formula to participate and whether, for example, there may be formulas of federation between different parties .

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