Matryoshka diamond discovered in russia: second 80 million-year-old diamond discovered inside diamond

A second diamond has been found trapped inside an unusual diamond in Russia. This diamond is believed to be around 80 million years old. This diamond was named the Matryoshka Diamond. She looks exactly like a Russian doll named after Matryoshka. Many of these dolls are placed inside another doll in descending order. This amazing diamond is said to be 80 million years old.

Experts do not yet know how this amazing diamond came to be, but it is the first such diamond in the history of diamond mining in the world. Oleg Kovalchuk of Russian research and development company ALROSA said that to our knowledge no such diamonds have been found in global mining history. He said it’s very special in itself.

Oleg said that nature does not want a vacuum to remain and therefore replaces one mineral with another, without forming a cistern. It is not yet clear how much this unusual diamond is worth. The diamond was mined from the company’s Nayurba mine in Yakutia. The structure of this diamond is quite complex and the outer diamond weighs only 0.62 carats.

At the same time, the weight of the second diamond is around 0.02 carat. The other diamond trapped inside is flat. The second diamond was discovered during the diamond investigation. Experts are now examining this diamond in several ways, including x-rays. Based on this analysis, the researchers suggested that the diamond inside was the first to develop. Not only that, there is enough space between the two diamonds for air to stay.

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