Matt Hancock Kiss: UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock Kiss and Affair: UK Health Secretary Affair

British Health Minister Matt Hancock’s affair with an office colleague caused a stir when the world heard about it. A photo of them has been leaked in which they are seen kissing. After that, there were requests to resign. Hancock also apologized to the public in a statement, but for not respecting social distancing. He also refused to resign.

Hancock did not dismiss news of the case in his statement but appealed for his family’s privacy. At the same time, he apologized for not respecting social distancing. Her colleagues, who have come to Hancock’s defense, say it is her personal affair and that she is unrelated to the ministerial cabinet.

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On the other hand, opponents demanding his resignation say those who work with the Minister of Health have a special relationship with taxpayers. Not only that, breaking social distancing rules has been described as public betrayal. After the controversy escalated, Hancock also canceled a visit to a vaccination center, for which he came under criticism.

Hancock has been married for 15 years. He also has three children with his wife Martha. At the same time, the one who discusses his affair with the colleague is also married. Reports say the two met at the University of Oxford.

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