Matt Hancock resigns: Matt Hancock resigns for breaking coronavirus rules: Matt Hancock resigns for breaking coronavirus rules

UK Health Minister Matt Hancock has resigned from his post. A few days ago, his photo surfaced as he was kissing an office colleague. After that, there was a ruckus not only over the special relationship within the ministry, but questions were also raised about the Minister of Health’s violation of the corona virus rules. Hancock had said earlier that he regretted not following social distancing.

With his resignation to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Hancock wrote: “It is our duty to be honest with those who have lost so much in the pandemic, when we have broken their trust by breaking the rules like me.”

In an earlier statement, Hancock did not dismiss the news of the case but appealed for his family’s privacy. At the same time, he apologized for not respecting social distancing. Her colleagues, who have come to Hancock’s defense, say it is her personal affair and that she is unrelated to the ministerial cabinet.

On the other hand, opponents demanding his resignation say those who work with the Minister of Health have a special relationship with taxpayers. Not only that, breaking social distancing rules has been described as public betrayal. After the controversy escalated, Hancock also canceled a visit to a vaccination center, for which he was criticized.

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