Mauritius helps India: Mauritius sends 200 oxygen concentrators to India Covid-19 status: Mauritius has sent 200 oxygen concentrators to India

Port Louis
Many countries around the world have joined together to help India struggling with the Corona crisis. But in the midst of it all, there is a country that, with its generosity, has shown the mirror to many overpowered countries. India has also helped on several occasions by donating economic products and goods to this country. Recently, the Minister of External Affairs, S Jaishankar, inaugurated the metro service built with the help of India in this country.

200 oxygen concentrators offered to India
Yes, the name of this country is Mauritius, which sent 200 oxygen concentrators to India at the time of the crisis. The Ministry of External Affairs of India also thanked the Government of Mauritius for this precious gift. India’s friendship with Mauritius is also special because China has also put a lot of pressure on this country. Despite this, this country has given top priority to its relations with India.

Mauritius is strategically important
Mauritius is located in a strategically important region of the Indian Ocean. In this area, there are trillions of dollars traded every year. Being close to the African continent, much of the Indian Ocean can be monitored from this country. Near this country is the island of Reunion, occupied by France. France maintains a large military base on the island. In the northeast of Mauritius is Diego Garcia, where the American and British military bases are located.

Mauritius and a close relationship in India
The strength of relations between India and Mauritius can be understood in the fact that this country celebrates its national day on March 12, anniversary of Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha. Mauritius believes that it was for this reason that he gained independence from the British in 1968. Mauritius has always been with India in many important campaigns such as the Free Trade Agreement with India, the blue ocean economy, maritime security, anti-piracy operation.
India built a metro and a hospital in Mauritius
India launched the new Mauritius Supreme Court construction project in 2016 thanks to a special economic program of US $ 353 million granted to Mauritius. This building was inaugurated in 2020. Apart from that, Metro Express Service was launched in Port Louis, capital of Mauritius with the help of India. In addition, a state-of-the-art 100 bed ENT hospital was also built in collaboration with India.

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