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the essential “Koh-Lanta: secret weapons” won Maxine against Lucie. Maxine had won the pole event in 2:08. Jonathan, the candidate from Occitania, was the first to fall from office.

Maxine, a 25-year-old sports journalist, is the big winner of Koh-Lanta: Secret Weapons. Against Lucie, the 35-year-old MMA master from Val-de-Marne, she won with 9 votes against 4 for Lucie.

“It’s a revenge for a difficult career break,” commented Maxine against host Denis Brogniart. The former top athlete, in gymnastics, then in diving, burned out shortly before the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. She therefore considered “Koh-Lanta” to be her Olympic Games. In 35 days of adventure in French Polynesia, Maxine has achieved four victories. This is the most beautiful price list of the 2021 edition of the adventure game.

Motionless 2:08 on the bars

Before this final victory, Maxine won the legendary pole test. She stood still at 2:08 am in difficult conditions with heavy rain for part of the final.

The three finalists, Maxine, Lucie and Jonathan, had to remain motionless on a 15 * 20 cm platform, before the surface reached 15 * 15 cm after 45 minutes, after 1h30 to 15 * 10 cm and after 2 hours to 10 * 10 cm was reduced.

Jonathan, the climbing instructor from Millau, said it from the start: Balance is not his strength. After an hour and a half of testing, he almost fell into the water, trying to find his balance, shaking his legs, and catching up at the last minute. He fell after a little over 2 hours of torture, soon followed by Lucie. “It was really terrible. I suffered from start to finish. It was the toughest test in Koh-Lanta,” commented Jonathan.

Lucie, Jonathan and Maxine at the pole test. Capture TF1

Elected by former candidates

As is the rule of Koh-Lanta, Maxine chose with her victory which of the two candidates she wanted to face in the final. She chose Lucie because of their friendship, because of her second place, but also because she believed she had more chances to win against her.

In Koh Lanta, the former candidates actually choose the winner. And depending on the year, the winner of the entries is not necessarily the final winner. All the candidates who have left the game since Frédéric left – there were thirteen in total – made up the final jury responsible for selecting the winner. When speaking for the election, Maxine reminded her that “Koh Lanta is strategy, trials and survival” for her.

To support the production of “Koh-Lanta” the companion of the young woman, the tennis professional Benjamin Bonzi, the 126th player in the world, who played against Roland-Garros a few days ago, invited in the video.

Maxine received nine votes (Laure, Myriam, Mathieu, Thomas, Flavio, Vincent, Arnaud, Jonathan and Laëtitia) against four votes for Lucie (Magali, Frédéric, Hervé and Shanice). With her victory, Maxine pocketed a check for 100,000 euros.

This is the fifth time a woman has won “Koh-Lanta”, after Clémence (“The Battle of Heroes” in 2018), Maud (“The War of the Chiefs” in 2019), Naoil (“The Island of Heroes “2020) and Alexandra (” The Four Countries “2020).

20 years next year

“Koh-Lanta” returns next fall with an “All Stars” edition for the 20th anniversary of the game on TF1, bringing together former champions in the history of “Koh-Lanta”. Filming ended on May 17th in French Polynesia. The only clue revealed by the production: there will be a third mysterious island. “It was hard, difficult,” said Denis Brogniart during a press conference on site. But he promises it: This new “Koh-Lanta” will be “extraordinary”.

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