May 8, day of the exiles and October 31, day of the victims of Francoism

Posted: Tuesday July 20 2021 2:42 PM

From this Tuesday, two new dates will be marked in red on the calendar. As part of the new law on memory, approved by the Council of Ministers of Pedro Sánchez on Tuesday, a new tribute is collected to try to restore the victims of the coup, the civil war and the Franco regime: two days, May 8 and 31, to honor his role.

This was announced by the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, during the press conference following the government conclave. They are “two days to honor them”. Concretely, on May 8, we will remember all the exiles during the Franco dictatorship, and on October 31, all the victims of the civil war, the coup d’état and the dictatorship.

“This law is a recognition of all the victims of the July 36 coup,” Bolaños explained. “It is the first law that condemns and repudiates the coup d’état and the dictatorship that followed, the darkest period in our contemporary history.”

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