“May your policy be based on something other than our dead”

Publication: Sunday January 10, 2021 6:06 PM

Criticism rains against Pablo Casado after posting a message on social networks in which he attacks the Sánchez government, remembering Ignacio Iruretagoyena, a popular adviser assassinated by ETA in 1998. On Twitter, the leader of the Popular Party stressed that “23 years ago ETA murdered a PP partner in Zarauz”.

In the same message, Casado added: “The victims will always be remembered and we condemn the government agreeing with anyone this week who has visited terrorists in prison and threatens to ‘overthrow the regime’. A publication that got the answer from the son of the victim Mikel Iruretagoyena.

“Mr. Casado, I wanted to say that you were very kind of the tribute paid today to my father. So much so that no family member attended the event”, also revealed Iruretagoyena on Twitter, openly criticizing the way victims of ETA terrorism have been treated in recent years.

Precisely, also on social networks, the son of the PP adviser assassinated by the terrorist gang lamented the partisan use of the victims of the ETA: “Continue to act like this with the families of the victims, it will be great for you. to live off the victims. It is time for your policy to be based on something other than our deaths. Leave my father alone, please! “.

Since the coalition government between the PSOE and United Podemos was formalized, the name of Bildu and ETA has been frequently used by the law to lodge a complaint against the executive, accusing it of negotiating with “pro-ETA” and “terrorists” to obtain the nomination and various parliamentary initiatives to come. Some methods that many victims of ETA did not like at all.

Months ago, Josu Elespe, son of Forilán Elespe, socialist mayor of Lasarte-Oria (Guipúzcoa) assassinated by the terrorist gang, assured that it made him “happy that ETA does not exist, that we have a left government in Spain, and that he is facing the Catalan problem of dialogue ”, adding that his father“ would think the same thing ”.

In the same vein, María Jáuregi, daughter of Juan María Jáuregi, socialist politician, former civil governor of Guipúzcoa, expressed: “My aita (father) would also be happy, Pablo Casado. Because ETA does not exist, because we are going to have a leftist government and because it was a fervent defender of dialogue. “

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