Mayan temple viral video: Woman viral video on Mayan temple pyramid: Woman viral video on Mayan civilization temple pyramid

As deep as the mysteries of the Mayan civilization are, efforts are still underway to save its signs from the outside world. It can be expensive for anyone to visit temples and other places associated with them without permission. The same happened to a Californian tourist from Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, who posed a puzzle to the local government. A video of the woman has surfaced in which she is seen descending the stairs of a pyramid leading to a temple in the Mayan civilization. Where ordinary people dare not go, the question arose as to how and why this woman got there.

Admission took place inside the temple
This woman was arrested for entering this temple without permission from the Mayan civilization and climbing the pyramid. It is also said that the woman did this in a drunken state and her video has now surfaced. There are also many unconfirmed claims made about this. The incident concerns the Itja archaeological complex in Yuktan. The woman had gone to the temple of El Castillo or Cuculachan on January 3.

Why did you come in?
In the video shared on social media, the woman is seen descending from the pyramid and other tourists standing below are watching her. According to local reports, the woman said she promised her late husband to climb the pyramid. Some people also claimed that the woman had spread her husband’s bones at the top of the pyramid. However, this has not been confirmed.

The temple is very old
The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) released a statement saying the investigation was opened after the case was revealed and the case could be tried against the woman for unauthorized filing. El Castillo was built between the 8th and 12th centuries. It is said to be the temple of the deity Kukulachan, who is close to the gods of Mexican civilization. At the top of this pyramid is the temple as far as the stairs are made from all sides to go.

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