“Maybe because she’s the vice president’s partner, she thinks the rules don’t apply to her.”

Publication: Tuesday, March 9, 2021 9:56 AM

The government of the Community of Madrid has banned this 8M a visit of the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, to the Public Institute of Secondary Education Gómez Moreno, in the district of San Blas, on the occasion of the Women’s Day, alleging that she intended to do a political act, which denied this ministerial department.

The Ayuso government alleged that it had prevented the minister’s presentation for health reasons, but did not conceal that the main reason was to avoid “the indoctrination of students in public schools and during school hours”.

On this subject, Enrique Ossorio, Minister of Education of Madrid, spoke today, who in statements to Antena 3 indicated that the minister “represents herself” by treating them as liars.

“Maybe because she is a partner of the vice president of the government or the minister, she thinks that the same rules that the others do not apply to her,” she said, noting that they do not had not sent them the necessary data for this purpose. type of act.

“They didn’t tell us anything, I find out what they wanted to do from what the students said yesterday. They didn’t communicate anything to us, so anyone who is lying already knows who they are,” he said. he declares.

Ossorio assures us that “the ministry acted with total disloyalty” by not communicating any type of information: “They must think that they are governed by other standards”. In addition, the counselor also assured that they will “allow” only “in any class of indoctrine”: “For nobody, neither for this lady nor for any other”.

Asked about the ministry’s intentions in insisting on making this presentation, the advisor was frank: “Let them spare the effort. Let them really worry about the women who are losing their jobs because of this painful government. indoctrinate the students of the Community of Madrid, the educational centers are there to learn ”.

In a video they released on the networks, the students who had organized the meeting of the Equality Commission of the Gómez Moreno Institute with Minister Montero to talk about how young women experience feminism and equality have deplored the cancellation of the meeting at the last moment. .

“We are very angry because they snatched a meeting from us on March 8 that was ours and in which the protagonists were not politics or ideologies, but feminism and how we girls from the neighborhood of San de Blas, a high school audience bring us, day after day, feminism and equality in our classrooms, ”they stressed.

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