“Maybe by the end of 2022 we can say there is no coronavirus”

Publication: Wednesday, May 12, 2021 10:41 AM

The director of the Health Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Center, Fernando Simón, raised the possibility of ending COVID-19 by the end of 2022. “Maybe by the end of next year , we will be able to say that there is no coronavirus. We are in this situation will probably continue with us, but there are options that it will not happen like that. “

This was what the epidemiologist said on Tuesday during a series of conferences in Ciudad Real, during which he also insisted on the fact that, in the past, other viruses such as “avian flu” had ended.

In this sense, the health worker recalls how on December 27, 2019, around twenty cases of severe pneumonia appeared in China, and only 10 days later, the disease had already been sequenced. Moreover, according to Simón, on January 7 “all the necessary information was already available” in the Asian country to deal with the virus, something which still took a long time to reach Europe and “the super-powerful United States”.

However, the director of CCAES also acknowledges that the aforementioned virus “did not appear to be such a serious disease”. Something that turned out not to be the case, while in Spain the gateway for COVID could be someone who, coming from Wuhan and in transit through Aleania, had contact with his family in Spain .

Assessment of the pandemic by Simon: January to March

According to Simón, in mid-January “there was already a protocol and a procedure” through 30 scientific societies working to develop clinical studies, placing Spain as “one of the first three countries” to have them.

On January 23, the World Health Organization’s emergency committee has already met, saying the pneumonia detected in China was not a problem globally, with few cases beyond originated in Wuhan.

“There has been no community transmission beyond Wuhan, not even in the other 30 provinces of China,” remembers Simón, who admits “some doubts” about the information provided by the Chinese government in the first month of 2020 The perception It was not that China was hiding information, but that “they didn’t have it,” he said.

When on January 23 the WHO decided to send a mission to China, the Asian country “blocked” the export of health products. “There are no more masks because all the masks in the world were made in China,” laments Fernando Simón.

In February, the information he was continuing to send was to the extreme that transmission of the virus was only occurring at the level of the Asian country, although the expert admits there was “mosqueo” due to the closures. cities like Wuhan.

“We were every country in the world waiting to see what this closure meant, and on February 17, China had 70,000 cases, and Spain had two cases, our German case and another English case with the virus imported from. Singapore, which had been infected while skiing in France, ”he says.

Along with this, Simón also remembers how the first days of March went, focusing on the problems in Italy. In Spain, cases were already detected, but only two small foci, one in the north and the other near Madrid, “very localized, with more transmission”.

Everything until March 9, when we went from a transmission of 50 to 100 daily cases to calculate more than 700. “That day, everything got out of hand,” he regrets, when the channel decision begins. the first alarm state.

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