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the basics The native Agen defender has chosen to play for Spain instead of the Blues. He believes that he has been ignored by the national coach, whom he tried several times without getting any answers.

“What bothers me is what he can say and that’s not true.” Words signed Didier Deschamps, Tuesday June 1st, in the columns of La Dépêche. The Blues manager alludes to some recent remarks made by defender Aymeric Laporte. The young native Agen has complained several times that the national coach does not respond to his calls, which he describes as multiple.

A situation that caused Aymeric Laporte, who was never selected for the French A team, to change his sporting nationality. He chose to become a naturalized Spaniard (his adopted home) to fight for the euro under the colors of La Roja.

Didier Deschamps did he ignore Aymeric Laporte’s calls? The coach replied in our columns: “The only message I got from him was that he sent me last October because he was injured in September. If I don’t answer, I won’t answer. There may be several versions, but there is only one truth. I won’t give you a version. I shut up and don’t talk about it. It’s still surprising: “After that he can say that I didn’t call him regularly …”

On Saturday 5th June, the day after his first selection with Spain in a pre-game, Aymeric Laporte replied to the coach: “He’ll be warm when we see each other, I’m sure,” he said in the conference press on one Message I sent him, maybe he changed his number, I don’t know … “

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