“Maybe there will come a time when we have to say ‘so far'”

Publication: Thursday, February 25, 2021 6:16 PM

The second vice-president of the government and Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Pablo Iglesias, defended United We Can’s presence in the government because it “changes things” but admitted: “Maybe that there will come a time when we have to reflect and say ‘we have come this far’ ”.

Iglesias spoke in these terms in an interview offered via the Twitch platform, on a channel called “ Furor TV ”, becoming the second national politician after Íñigo Errejón and the first member of the government to use this format, popular in particular. in the world of video games.

In esa nueva plataforma, donde los llamados ‘streamers’ interactúan con sus seguidores mientras retransmiten su propia pantalla de ordenador y juegan o realizan otras actividades, Iglesias ha denunciado “el poder en manos privadas” que ejercen los medios de comunicación “This is not healthy”.

The vice president even claimed that TV presenters or TV executives don’t care if what they say is a lie “if it serves to harm Podemos” and hoped for the platform’s communicative future.

We can’t “be here”

Faced with “purists” who, according to him, question that his party rules and would prefer it in opposition, Iglesias responds that the things that have been achieved are “impressive”.

“If it wasn’t worth it, they wouldn’t give us the hosts they give us,” he said.

However, he said Podemos’ role was not “to be there”.

“We must never rule out that there will come a time when we say, we have come this far,” Iglesias said twice during the interview.

Ábalos, the socialist who has “more affection”

While negotiating the housing law with the PSOE, Iglesias stressed that the good progress of the government depends on the correlation of forces and that there is a government agreement that he and President Pedro Sánchez have signed.

“We are in government because we deserved it … No one voted for a one-party government,” Iglesias said.

However, when questioned by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, on whom the housing law depends, he replied that he was the person in the PSOE to whom he had “the most responsibility. ‘affection”.

“He’s a guy with guts, he’s an honest guy,” he added, admitting that he discusses a lot of things with him.

Iglesias also acknowledged that there would be “a lot of resistance” against the trans law but, he had an impact, “it has to come out”, and insisted on his opinion that rapper Pablo Hasél “should be free” .

He also acknowledged that Podemos was not going through its best electoral moment and praised the great political projection of the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz. “Who knows” if she can be the next candidate in her coalition, she replied when asked about it.

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