Meaning of trypanophobia: man screams in fear when he receives viral crown vaccine video

Vaccination campaigns are being carried out around the world to save humanity from the corona virus epidemic. There is also a huge crowd in the vaccination centers. All corona virus vaccines available worldwide must be administered by injection. While taking the dose of vaccine by injection, many people are caught by cameras performing strange acts out of fear. One of these videos is from Mexico, in which a person suddenly starts screaming while taking a dose of the vaccine.

The person started screaming in fear while being vaccinated
This video, which has gone viral, was first seen on social media this week. It was registered at a vaccination center in Chihuahua City, Mexico. We see in this video that a 30-year-old man gets a little nervous while taking a dose of the vaccine and screams in fear several times. This video was first shared by Tiktok user @sebastian_buenomax.

35 lakh people views on Tiktok
He also shared this video on his Facebook account. Which has been seen by over 13,000 people. At the same time, more than 35 lakh people saw this video of him on Tiktok. As soon as the nurse injects this person sitting among the people at the vaccination center, he screams loudly. Meanwhile, other people present are also seen laughing.

people praised the man
Those at the center also congratulated this person after receiving the vaccine. People said he took the vaccine despite his fear, which is an act of bravery overall. By encouraging such encouragement, others will also be inspired to get the vaccine.

Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in Mexico
Corona virus cases are on the rise again in Mexico. On July 30, 19,346 new cases of the corona virus were recorded in Mexico. This is the highest figure after February 5. The total number of corona virus cases in Mexico has reached 2,829,443, while the death toll from this virus is 240,456.

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